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Headshot photography is a specific type of portrait that focuses particularly on the face, typically for casting purposes. Headshots are promotional pictures that many actors, models, and authors have to include their portfolio, but they can also include the headshot photographs into their social media accounts, blogs or websites. Finding a great headshot photographer is easier than ever with London Photography. Our photographers are highly skilled to cover any kind of headshot photography, whether it is for commercial use or personal use.

So, trust your headshot to an expert in this field and we are pretty much sure that you will love the results you will see when hiring us. This is our promise. We will bring light and a background, and set everything up at your home, office, or wherever works best. You don’t have to arrange anything when hiring us. This is our photographer’s duty to make sure you get the best out of business.

Business Headshots Are Easy With Us

One thing that people always say to us after having their headshots taken is “that was amazing” or some similar kind of words. They always say that it was easier than they thought and this is what we are supposed to do. That’s always the goal – to make sure that you are comfortable, enjoy and have fun with the entire process, and end up will an awesome set of headshots. Not only that, but The London Photography team will be on hand for hair and make-up touch ups to make sure you are looking your very best when doing the headshot photography.

Professional Headshot Photographer in London

Our professional headshot photographer will make sure that you look professional too without having that fear factor in your mind. Whether you want once sided face or different poses, our professional photographer will make sure that you get the best results. We will help you choose the right clothing and look for your headshots based on who you are, what you do, and what you need the photos for. Our headshot photography package includes a personal style consultation, professional hair and makeup artistry, posing direction, and masterful lighting. Each image is retouched by Leigh.

So, whether you are looking to simply update your social media profile, want to impress your clients or you want a glamorous photoshoot complete with hair and makeup services on site, we are here to help. If you are looking for the perfect corporate headshot to represent you on your website and marketing materials we can help.

For full information on our London headshot photography sessions, just give us a call.

Headshot Photography London